What Can I Expect?

Initial Consultation:

During our initial consultation, we want to learn your needs. This consultation normally is scheduled for one hour. We will explain our services so you can decide how we can best help facilitate your move. During this time, we will walk through your home to discuss what furniture and items you would like to move with you to your new home. Once we learn the services you are requesting, we will provide you with an estimate. Services can include any/all of the following:



We will help you sort “through your home” and will guide you in decision-making about what items can fit into your closets and cupboards. We will recommend space-saving devices so to help you gain additional space if you need it. We can pack your charitable donations and arrange for pick-up; contact local consignment stores or list items online for sale or arrange for consultation with a professional estate sale company. We can also facilitate the removal of items needing to be hauled away.


Floor Planning:

We provide a customized floor plan of your new home so that you can see how your furniture will fit. In many instances, we will provide more than one version of the plan. Our floor plans are interactive. To create your floor plan, we will bring a magnetized set of pieces so we can move your “furniture pieces” around and illustrate various ways your furniture can be placed. Once the client is satisfied with floor plans for the new home, a floor plan(s) will be created and copies provided to client & movers.


Securing/Overseeing Movers:

We can provide you with a list of respected local moving companies, schedule estimate appointments, and even walk the moving company representative through your home (upon request). They will provide you with an estimated cost of packing and moving your items to your new home. Once this process is complete, we can review their services with you and help you select the mover that best suits your needs.


Packing/Packing Oversight:

Your Senior Move Manager will carefully pack any special items, and can recreate placement of items in a wall unit/bookshelf/china cabinet in your new home. For larger jobs, the moving company will send their own packers to pack your items in the days before the move. Your Senior Move Manager will be present to oversee this packing, ensuring everything you want to move gets packed. We will also make sure items being left behind are not packed.


Oversight on Move Day/Unpacking/Settling-In Services:

On moving day, we will arrive to supervise the move and take care of any last minute details, including transportation of items for donation/consignment/storage. Your Senior Move Manager will travel to your new home and manage the placement of your furniture, and all other aspects of resettling you into your new home. Generally, we will begin the unpacking process on move day. Our team will unpack and organize all of your belongings. We remove all boxes and paper and will leave your home “move-in ready!”


Transfer of Utilities: 

If you require assistance changing your utilities, we will help make these changes as well.  Whether setting up or canceling telephone service, returning TV cable/internet equipment, change of address cards, or a specialized combination of utilities, we are experienced in making these changes for you in an efficient manner.

Additional Services:

Your Senior Move Manager is available to help with related services, such as cleaning, waste removal, shopping, pet boarding, and helping prepare the home to be sold. Just let us know how we can help!

Why Work With A Senior Move Manager?

  • Senior Move Managers provide a multi-faceted approach to the move process, from space planning in the beginning, to post-move support and advocacy.

  • Senior Move Managers minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by addressing all aspects of the move process. They are responsible for creating and executing a seamless action plan, customized to the client's wishes.

  • With the gentle and expert guidance of an experienced Senior Move Manager, older adults and families make key decisions without the emotional and physical distress that can follow. As a result, older adults and their families avoid the costly mistakes and remorse that often accompany such major lifestyle transitions.

  • Senior Move Managers frequently assist individuals who choose to stay in their own homes, but simply require expert organizational skills and solid knowledge of "aging in place" concepts to help them achieve their goal of not moving anywhere, but improving quality of life!

How Much Will It Cost?

Clients will be charged an hourly rate of $50 for Senior Move Management and Age In Place services. We can assist in hiring professional movers and other vendors, as the situation requires, and those services will be charged separately at their own rate. Clients and family members who are willing/able to handle their own discards/donations and shopping will save the professional's hourly charge for these services. 

How Long Will It Take?

Each moving situation is unique. After your initial consultation, we will provide you with a time estimate for your project. Because it can be physically and mentally taxing for a client, organizing and specialized packing is generally completed in 3 to 5 hour sessions, with additional work happening "behind the scenes." Clients who are willing/able to work with the organizer on projects will have their projects completed in less time. We will be with you as long as needed on packing/moving/unpacking days!

Are You Going to Make Me Throw Away My Stuff?

Short answer, no. Your organizer will work with you to sort and categorize your items. She will never force or "talk you into" getting rid of any of your possessions. While working on your project, you will probably realize that some items are no longer needed in your space, and you will be ready to let them go. Ultimately, these decisions are completely up to you! We can help you with donation/sale/consignment of unwanted items.


Your information is confidential and will never be shared


with a third party without your permission


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